Thursday, June 15, 2017


                      ANITA A. MACPHEE

Artistic, creative, imaginative, and thinks of anything that’s pretty
Nurtured her only son, Scott, and guided him to be successful in life
Intricate works can be seen in all her shirt, dress, and gown sewing
Treasures her good old friends and treats new friends like shining gold
Accommodating and happy lady who makes you feel so comfortable

Avails herself when she is needed by her family, friends, and relatives

Many hours were spent teaching cultural dances to many FASCI members
Always anxious to see her grandson especially at Christmas and holidays
Choir member in her church and directs the Peoria Santo Niño Choir Group
Party is always lively when present for she adds laughter to make it more fun
Handicraft work is one of her favorite hobbies that displays a lot of her skills
Enjoyed making her little nieces look more beautiful when they were young
Engineering is her profession and she worked for CILCO for several years

               FASCI (Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois)
                          By: Laura B.Corpuz   - June 7, 2013


Friday, March 24, 2017



Boys and girls, young and old, everyone present is very beauteous
Always ready to perform, sing, dance or recite poem are desirous
Laughter, fun, games, stories told to family are really hilarious
A number of family members to meet relatives are quite anxious
Tender is the roasted pig, chicken, fish, vegetables are very delicious
Bountiful are foods set on the table that are all good and sumptuous
Array of scrumptious sweet desserts, ice cream, and lots of mangoes
Totally complete satisfaction of those that felt event is victorious

Camaraderie forms when other cousins make bonding very gracious
Lovingly approach by cute little ones with smiles that are luminous
Amazing and coordinated participation in program are fantabulous
Numerous displays on the stage and old photos are truly wondrous

Registrants enjoy the friendship, caressing atmosphere, time precious
Excitements of those with prizes and Easter Eggs are really obvious
Uplifting are the stories told by family members are just marvelous
Nice and warm weather made the reunion very successful and joyous
Inspired by the happy and tight family relationship, super prestigious
Overjoyed by the attendance of those from distant places, so fabulous
Never was a dull moment with the energetic children that are gorgeous

By: Laura Balatbat Corpuz * * March 19, 2017