Monday, October 10, 2016

          ROWENA D. STONER

          R-adiant is your attractive face with very bright smiles all the time
          O-verjoyed is amazing family, Jack, Anna Marie, Jennifer Lynn
          W-onderful personality welcomes everyone with wide open arms
          E-nergetic and loves working at Cullinan Properties in Peoria, IL.
          N-ieces, nephews, relatives highly regard and treat you with respect
          A-nxious and excited about the life ahead of her family on the go

          D-elightful and gorgeous FASCI model and a long-time member

          S-isterly attitude to Alma, Arlene, Chat, Cindy, Connie, Donna, Elvie
          T-rue friend to Evelyn, Gina, Jhossana, Leta, Lodgita, Lolita, Lucy
          O-pens heart to Marissa, Nerissa, Nena, Ofie, Razelle, Roe, Sarah, Sheila
          N-ice, courteous to Ernie, Rene, and male Filipino staff at Par-A-Dice
          E-njoys colleagues and all family members’ professional achievements
          R-ejoiced and thanked God for the awesome, adventurous trip to Korea

                        Happy 50th Birthday from Ric and Laura Corpuz * 9-8-16

Friday, October 7, 2016


P-riscilla, an ancient Roman name, meaning passionate and compassionate
R-aised by parents Paul and Marie Paulson on a huge farm in North Dakota
I-nspired by the good music played by the famous “Royal Filipino Orchestra”
S-weet smiles attracted Phil when band played in Peoria after World War II
C-ooked lafse, crub and baked bread, angel food cake, and sweet cream puffs
I-ntimate, friendly, amiable, approachable, caring woman all her happy life
L-eisure times made fun by watching stage plays, movies, ball room dancing
L-oves and enjoys the company of co-workers, relatives, and Filipino friends
A longtime member of FASCI and attends St. Paul Lutheran church

M-arian, Hebrew name that means “Star of the Sea” and “Grace” in Latin

R-eminisces exciting experiences of travels in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Europe
A-merican flag was donated by VFW Post 814 Women Auxiliary, Peoria, IL.
M-aria and Amy performed cultural dances and Jason a FASCI board member
O-verjoyed by achievements of Phil Ramos II, Rose Pasquel and grandchildren
S-incere Post Office staff, Tone Master Manufacturing Co. and Art’s Hot Tamales
 FASCI (Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois) By: Laura B. Corpuz * * 4/1/15

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Sa bandang silangan ay may natanawan
Talang maliwag sa atin ay patnubay
Ang lahat ng landas na ating daraanan
Liwanag ng tala ang ating susundan.

Ito ay nakaturo sa munting sabsaban
Ng sanggol na tutubos sa sanlibutan
Ang Birhen Maria kay Hesus ang nagsilang
Sa tabi ni Josep na amang mapagmahal.

Pasko ang tawag sa dakilang araw na ito
Maligayang maligaya ang lahat ng tao
May handa si Ninang, si Lola, at si Lolo
Hinihintay tayo upang magsalu-salo.

Laura B. Corpuz, Nov. 13, 2009

               PASKO NA NAMAN!

Pasko ay araw na pinakahihintay-hintay
Ang lahat ng tao ay nagmamahalan
Sapagka’t si Jesus sa ngayon ay isinilang
Kagalakang lubos ang dulot niya sa bayan
O talang maningning sa tatlong hari’y sumubaybay

Nang makita nila ang hamak na sabsaban
Anak na sanggol kalong ng Birheng mahal

Napaligiran sila ng mga hayop sa parang
Ang lahat ng pastol at mga tupa ay nagpugay
Mahimbing ang sanggol sa Inang kandungan
Awit ng mga angel ay masayang pakinggan
Nagdiriwang ang madla dahil “Pasko na Naman.”

This is an acrostic style of writing poems

Laura B. Corpuz, Nov. 13, 2009

(These were used in Topeka, Kansas last Christmas 2009)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

                      NENITA TUDTUD JHEE

           Nice, charismatic and appealing woman of Talamban, Cebu City
          Excited to go to Manila at age 15 to take up medicine at UST
          Noble in her words, thoughts, and very cautious in her actions
          Inspired by loving parents Eduvigio and Anatolia Tudtud
         Talent, time, pressure, and ultimate dream, she studied seriously
          Affectionate love of Dr. Won Jhee made them tie the knots

         Together with the happy family, Marianne, Joseph, and Jeffrey
         Upbringing of parents was remarkable resulting to their success
          Dedicated to her profession, treated all patients with tender care
          Totally adores her very active, cute, growing four grandchildren
          Unique symbols of faith is a chapel and trail named “Sto. NiƱo
          Devoted Catholic and a long-time member of St. Jude church

          Joyfully tills a Filipino garden of fruity and green leafy vegetables
          Harmonious life of family makes her kiss and hug grandchildren
          Everybody loves Nenita for integrity and splendid personality
          Entertains all guests and meets them with very own sweet smiles

            September 17, 2016  Happy 70th Birthday!  
                          Love, Ric and Laura Corpuz

Friday, March 25, 2016




The greatest gift of all mankind

Is our concern, the precious lives
With compassion we care and serve
Geared to pursue for excellence.
We declare with sincerity
The knowledge patiently to honesty
Regardless of nationality, creed, ideology
The creed, we value so faithfully
Playing our parts in history
Our founder's dream so laudable
We love and cherish this earnest goal
We pledge to accomplish, to uphold
Our responsibility throughout the world.
International College of Surgeons
Worthy of praise and ...'
Preserve the health, our noble mission
And the dignity of the profession

By: Dr. Felicisima B. Bacon

       Tondo, Manila, Philippines

Thursday, March 24, 2016



Hot food deliciously flavored and cooked with favorite seasonings
Incredibly luscious native dishes were appetizing and delightful
Poems about the blooming young ladies and gentlemen were read
Overwhelmed by the great singing voices of some family members
Lovely portraits of our parents and grandparents adorned the hall
Intelligent brains and talents were shown by younger generation
Toys, school supplies, costume jewelry, domestic items, vanities
Outstanding showmanship, pride of Hipolito and Maxima family
More door prizes were shared among the adult men and women
Adorable children  joined the adults in dancing, singing songs
X’mas, some members thought of about this enjoyable event
Indefatigable masters of ceremonies kept the family focused
Memories of the exciting moments will be etched in our hearts
Amazing was everyone's contribution to this wonderful affair
Frabjous and memorable day for the San Isidro Balatbat clan
Acquaintances were made among those who welcomed new ones
Mia and Emily from Illinois, USA traveled across the vast ocean 
Intrigued and very amused were those that attended this time 
LonG to enjoy the company and warmth feeling of everybody
Yearlong waiting for the next occasion that will be more fun

  By: Laura B. Corpuz * * March 13, 2016