Thursday, May 21, 2015


Lovely teacher of many curious children
Embraces work with her simple smiles
Thoughtful and mindful of other people
Incredibly nice teacher of our time
Caring and passionate mother of three
Inspiring words can be heard from her
Always ready to listen to students
Bountiful blessings from our dear Lord
Sincere and dedicated to her duties
Unselfish tine and efforts spent at school
Nana Letty, she is called by many
Perseverance is very obvious in her deeds
Offers the best of everything to the needy
Notably nice with sweet personality
Greatest of love is for the good of family
Cherishes time spent with all her friends
Open-minded as an individual and as a teacher   
            Laura G. Balatbat Corpuz
                   March 19, 2005 *

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