Thursday, October 9, 2014




Courteous and courageous individual
Amiable and friendly to all her comrades
Thinks thoroughly before making decisions
Admires all of God’s great creations
Loving wife and dear to her cousins
Insight of life is amazing and incredible
Never seen without a smile on her face
Always assisting families in need of help
Generous and gives from her good heart
 Dedicated to and takes pride in her job
 Amazed by the closed tight knit of family
 Thoughtful and very caring of aunt Lucila
 Understands the value of true friendship
 Intelligence can be seen in all her actions
 Notably quiet and self-sacrificing lady

                     Laura B. Corpuz * Cousin * March 18, 2009


 Affable, amiable, and humble individual
 Lasting memory of kindness and generosity
 Enjoys serving in the church and community
 Joyfully welcomes guests to her residence
 Approachable cousin she is known for
 Nice, quiet, and a very reserved lady
 Devoted to duties and responsibilities
 Respects the rights of other people
 Always ready to give a helping hand
 Gracious and good-natured personality
 Religious and faithful in her belief in God
 Example of humility is very obvious in her
Youngest daughter of Juan and Segundina 
 Everyone has a place in her big heart
 Smiles on her face are signs of happiness

                Laura B. Corpuz * Cousin * 2-28-2009


                    NOE B. BACON

Night and day, they call you to treat many patients
Overjoyed by daughter and son’s school achievements
Extra careful in performing any surgery of specialty

Bountiful blessings received from God are great

Brings a lot of fun and joy to all family gatherings
Approachable, kind, and generous to those in need
Confers with medical surgeons about patient’s status
Obligations and commitment to the family you keep
New scientific information, learned from meetings

Laura B. Corpuz * Aunt *May, 2013 *       


Responsible individual and can be counted on when it comes to services
Enjoys the quality time spent with all the cute and growing grandchildren
Generous gentleman who has a very big heart, ready to give a helping hand
Intelligent, industrious, hard-working, and dedicated husband to Josefina
Never did he refuse the request for substitution in church assigned duties
Actively participates in local activities and “Toastmasters International”
Lovingly cares for the broken-hearted and speaks kindly for their comfort
Volunteerism is in his blood and will do anything without reservations
Grateful for committee members’ assistance for the success of programs
Rejoices every time grandchildren show him school accomplishments
Examines and scrutinizes everything that matters and will impact life
Scientifically-minded, naturally analytical individual, and thinks wisely
Services to FASCI is incredible, commendable, and truly immeasurable

                 FASCI (Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois)
                      By: Laura B. Corpuz - April 16, 2013 - Friend


             PRESCILA  T.  CAPATI
Personable, friendly, and very caring woman I have ever known
Respected by her many friends, family members, and co-workers
Everybody she knew had a good place in her huge and loving heart
Sacrifices in her daily life became models for her entire family
Cooked the best “Pancit Palabok” for the family and friends
Interesting life lived, enjoyed gatherings and company of others
Loving wife, mother of four grown children and great grandmother
Approachable lady with a sweet smile on her face at all times
 Tender loving care was felt by her cute and growing grandchildren
 Cooking secrets so privately kept and nobody will ever know
Admired the beauty of this world and all of God’s creation
Precious as can be was no other than our Prescila, the pretty lady
Always tried to understand the elderly and needs of other people
Thoughtful, generous, and kind-hearted woman with wide-open arms
Inspiration to her many nieces and nephews, and very own family

                 February 25, 1954  - April 11, 2013

                       By Laura B. Corpuz * Friend


                                   PONCIANO S. ISIP  

       Personable, approachable, hard-working man you are known
       Outspoken, but chooses words wisely when around good friends 
       Notably nice and helpful to classmates from grade school on 
       Caring father and backbone of the entire Isip clan in Bulacan 
       Intelligence you use tactfully to raise a great and fun family  
       Admires the goodness and beauty of God's world creation 
       Never was a dull moment whenever or wherever you are   
       Outstanding reputation you build-up for strength and support  
       Sacrifices in daily life serve as models for growing grandchildren  

       Incredible brains are shown in all dealings with comrades  

       Sincerely loves family and cares for ailing wife, Maring  
       Inspiration to everyone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest
       Proud president of the very active class of '55 in San Miguel  

      Laura B. Corpuz *Classmate* (March 9, 2012)


                          DOLORES  S. GARCIA

Destined to be truly successful woman in her clothing and textile industries
Overwhelming number of customers check storage to purchase merchandise
Loves to travel across the vast ocean to visit close friends and relatives
Outspoken individual who uses talent and special skills in her sales talks
Relationship with distributors and retailers is of high quality and with respect
Embraces work with love, patience, and perseverance with and happy life
Sincerely and honestly thanks God for the outpouring blessings received
Guides the children to reach their dreams in their chosen fields of endeavor
Approachable and very warm woman who reaches out with an open-arm
Recreation includes playing cards, sightseeing, vacationing and visiting parks
Charitable person who gives with all her might to the church’s special projects
Inspiration to the younger ones who are interested in pursuing a business career
Adores her ten young and growing grandchildren in Australia and Philippines

        By: Laura B. Corpuz * May 31, 2013 *


Enjoying a very happy life with dearly beloved family and                                          friends
Dedicated and sincere husband to Dolores for a good number of                                   years
Understanding and caring grandfather of ten cute little darlings
Accommodating and entertains family and relatives with                                                enthusiasm
Rejoices when grandchildren call him “Lolo” lovingly and                                                sweetly
Deliciously cooks irresistible and mouth-watering food for guests
Overwhelming care felt by five sisters during their youthful                                        years
Distance is not a hindrance when visiting close relatives                                            anywhere                          
Just and fair person treating everyone with love and respect
Gives from the bottom of his heart that uplifts someone’s spirit
Appreciates all of God’s blessings and shares them joyfully
Religious individual and participates in many church activities
Calm, quiet, soft-spoken gentleman and peace-loving father of                                      five
Impresses acquaintances of safe driving and familiarity with                                           roads
Adopted and gave a child her very own place in this wonderful                                  world

By:   Laura B. Corpuz *Cousin * June 9, 2013

Monday, October 6, 2014



Carefully analyzes situation with husband before making any                                                                     decisions
Always ready to give full assistance when needed by the                                                                             Balatbat clan
Rejoices each time a family member achieves a specific                                                                                goal in their life
Loves to be involved in any kind of project at home and                                                                              in her community
Overwhelmed by the results of her teaching when students                                                                        passed exams
Trustworthy individual that makes everyone feel proud                                                                              of her works
Admires the world’s beauty and sees it as the Creator’s                                                                                garden on earth
Sincere and dedicated History teacher at Ramona S. Trillana                                                                      High School
Brings comfort and inspires the lonely with her caring                                                                                    words of wisdom
Extra time and efforts she spends in preparing for the fun                                                                              family reunion
Responsible, dependable lady and can be counted on when                                                                              assigned a task
Noble and compassionate teacher thinking of teaching                                                                                    to be effective
Adores little children that are innocently, joyfully growing in                                                                        San Isidro
Brings back and shares the lessons learned in her daily life                                                                             as a woman
Enjoys and practices teaching ethics for the sake of all                                                                                    the students

Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *August 13, 2013 *


Every happy moment of life is cherished and kept in your loving heart

Very caring staff and first concern is the health situation of the patients

Experiences during younger years serve as models for the growing children

Lives a humble, simple, but content, fulfilled, and successful family life

You are a nice and warm-hearted woman to work with and to be with

Numerous and truly wonderful comments are heard from the entire family

Strong in character and responsible woman make you worthy of praise

Dedicated wife to loving husband Rudy and a very sweet sister-in-law

Everybody loves you because of your friendly attitude and lovely personality

Lifts up the spirit of those that are in need of great love and compassion

Always ready to give assistance with all your heart for the sake of many

Precious and priceless is your relationship with the San Isidro Balatbat clan

Excitingly tells stories of your recreational activities, vacations, and trips

Ñaña, you work with many of them in the hospital attending to the patients

Anxious to volunteer and be an active committee member for successful project

      Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *August 14, 2013 *


                         MANILO P. BALATBAT
MC” nobody can do better than you dear cousin, for you are                                                                                                                                 so terrific
Always makes the audience laugh because of your wonderful                                                                                                                                  sense of humor
Never was there a peaceful moment when you are present in                                                                                                                                   any gathering
Inspiration to the little ones who admire your special skills                                                                                                                                      in emceeing
Leads the children to the right path to accomplish aims and                                                                                                                                    goals in life
Overjoyed by the outstanding achievements of children in several                                                                                                                         activities
People-friendly and personable man is what acquaintances will say                                                                                                                      about you
Bounty of the Lord’s blessings graciously shared with family and                                                                                                                           relatives
Admires the special talents of nieces and nephews in different                                                                                                                                  arts in life
Loves the family dearly, prays, and cares for those whom you                                                                                                                                   hardly see
Anxiously awaits the next time the Balatbat family holds                                                                                                                                       another reunion
Teaches the little ones words of kindness, love, sincerity, and                                                                                                                                  truthfulness
Brings fun and joy to the gathering and plays many                                                                                                                                           ice-breaking games
Accommodating gentleman who welcomes visitors with                                                                                                                                         sweet smiling face
Trustworthy associate, brother, cousin, friend, relative, and                                                                                                                                   acquaintance

Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * Cousin* November 15, 2013 *


Tanging ikaw nga lamang ang lagi naming nadaratnan
Angkin mong kabaitan ay tunay na walang makakapantay
Radyo sa tahanan ang batayan ng oras mo araw-araw
Cavite, Laguna, Malolos, Tarlac, nais mo ring marating
Ikaw ang bantay sa bahay at maghapon kang naghihintay
Lahat ng tao sa inyong purok sa iyo ay may paggalang
Ayos ka nang ayos, sinisinop at naglilinis sa bakuran

Sa kaibuturan ng puso mo ay ang gintong pagmamahal

Sa araw at gabi man ay mayruon kang ipinagdarasal
Ang tagumpay ng mga apo mo ang iyong kaligayahan
Luto ka nang luto ng iba’t ibang masasarap na ulam
Ang buong pamilya, kapatid, at kaibigan ay nasisiyahan
Masipag kang totoo at matatawag na “Inang Uliran”
Ani mong mga gulay ay talagang napapakinabangan
Taga-payo ang papel mo sa laki nitong ating angkan

        Laura Laura Balatbat-Corpuz, Ika-13 ng Agosto, 2013 *


Takes any responsibility and performs all assigned                                                              tasks wholeheartedly
Extra efforts she truly exerts when her assistance is                                                            needed by the family
Reaches out to family members to hold reunions of San                                                        Isidro Balatbat clan
Enjoys and cherishes time spent with cousins each                                                               time they come to visit
Shows great appreciation of the blessings received                                                          from God the Almighty
Incredibly strong showing compassion, courage, hope,                                                         and perseverance
Thinks positively and very optimistic in life in this                                                               world of changes
Admired by many relatives for generosity, humility,                                                      simplicity, and sincerity
Big is her heart with names of beloved cousins, nieces, 
                                                         nephews, relatives
Industry, hard work, and labor contribute in reaching                                                          her goals in life
Success and good fortunes of all her children are in her                                                          daily prayers
Interesting moments of youthful years joyfully shared                                                          with family members
Proud of the achievements and accomplishments of son                                                         and two daughters

Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * Cousin *January 21, 2013