Thursday, December 18, 2014



                     MELODY  C. SALAMAT

M-elody of Greek origin means music and was first used in the 13th century
E-xhibits humility, simplicity, generosity and friends admire you for these
L-ongs to see children learn all of the basics skills they must know while young
O-pportunities will come and you will choose the best to reach goals in life
D-edication to duties and respect for everyone are etched in your good heart
Y-ou will take a great pride when you succeed in life that is in your hands

C-hooses appealing, good and kind words to use when addressing superiors

S-weet smiles people see in you and are very happy with your friendliness

A-lways ready to give a helping hand to those in need of your love and care
L-oves to set models and good examples of becoming a good Filipino citizen
A-dmires the very unique traits and close-knit of the Balatbat clan in San Isidro
M-any relatives praise you for your kindheartedness and feeling of volunteerism
A nice, warm and pleasant atmosphere will welcome friends with open arms
T-actful in all your ways when dealing with friends, relatives and  comrades

 Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * October 25, 2014 * 


Grateful to have very kind-hearted parents like Neftali and Elizabeth
Extremely content by the results of projects and accomplished missions
Notably popular, well known as a great singer of the Balatbat clan
Every friend, classmate, and acquaintance is happy to be a comrade
Serves as an inspiration and excellent model for the younger children
Incredible singing contestant at BULPRISA winning great honors
Sacrificed many hours to help raise funds for the need of dear cousins

Blessed with the gift of a gorgeous singing voice and truly thankful for
Rejoices each time asked to render songs honoring someone close to heart
You are very talented man especially in the wonderful world of music
Anxious to perform on stage and has won many singing competitions
National singing contest you won and named “PLDT Singing Idol”

Bachelor of Science in Information System at Bulacan State Univerity

Reflects the best in all friends, classmates, relatives, and choir members
Examples of good manners, right conduct, proper attitude towards men
Yesteryears are fruitful, worthy of remembering and be written in a book
Every one of your friends agrees that you are great and terrific entertainer
Self-motivated and determined to utilize God-given skills to serve many

     Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * July 7, 2014 *



D-iligent, industrious, focused, and conscientious in all her works
A-ctive in all functions of church and serves as the office secretary
N-aturally nice, friendly individual with a sweet smile on her face
A-dores the little growing cousins and enjoys watching them dance
H-onors she has maintained from primary school years to the present

L-ongs and hopes to become an Information Technology Programmer

S-ophomore student in high school and impresses teachers by her skills
A-cquaints self with many relatives she has not met yet for many years
L-oves to see and admires happy friends, relatives, and church members
A-lways willing to give any assistance when needed by caring family
M-emories of childhood and family affairs finds place in this fun world
A-ccomplishments in life brings happiness to Valentino and Lilibeth
T-alented and very smart student showing bright future in her life

    Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * November 15, 2014 *

Friday, December 12, 2014


Makes someone feel accepted and an important part of any event
Approachable and friendly who welcomes anyone with open arms
Industrious young teen showing a very bright future in any career
Sweet were the hours spent during the 2014 Balatbat clan reunion
Attends St. Anne’s Catholic High School in Hagonoy, Bulacan
Blessed by having a loving, caring, and very supportive parents
Embraces any duty assigned by parents, adults, and all teachers
Loves, enjoys and finds pleasure playing good music on the guitar
Bright smiles come from very cute, charming, and youthful face
Incredible talent and skills will definitely play role in successful life
Sociable within group of friends and shares fond memories with them
Interested in learning secrets and tricks of cooking delectable meals
Potentials of a successful person are plenty and can develop them fully

   Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * August 14, 2014 *


Lucky individual to be included in the group “One Thousand Voices”
Actively participates in many church activities and numerous functions
Rejoices and glad each time the opportunity to sing songs comes around
Always thinks of how to make friends and families feel good about them
Joyfully accepts responsibilities that are asked of you by superiors
Adored and appreciated by classmates, ministers, teachers, and all
Nice, cheerful, friendly, full of life and possesses very positive attitude
Eldest, helpful, truly responsible daughter caring for brother Ramizes
Elementary Education is the degree major at Bulacan State University
Unending praises and heart-warming words from relatives ring in the air
Spends time and enjoys teaching music at the summer kindergarten program
Anxious to be a part of good and prestigious organization and musical group
Chosen to perform in July 2014 at the Centennial Anniversary of the church
Dedicated and devoted to your religion and has strong faith in our Creator
Inspired by the good examples of caring, loving parents, Israel and Pricila
Nobody can stop you from learning to play instruments, piano, and guitar

           Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * August 13, 2014 *


January is your birthday month and beginning of the New Year
Aquarius is your zodiac sign and carnation is flower of  rejoicing
Nice, friendly, full of life when you are singing melodious  songs
Modest in actions and careful in expressing self when  speaking
Enjoyed and cherished time spent at the 2014 Balatbat  reunion
Lively, lovely young teen, charismatic, and truly energetic  too
Loves to volunteer and gives plenty of time for a very good  cause
Inspiration to younger cousins exhibiting and excellent role  model
Takes responsibility for all duties assigned by parents and  superiors
Birthstone is garnet which color will protect you from  illness
Approachable young person who meets all friends with a  smile
Likes to be around relatives, friends, classmates in High  School
Anxious, excited, and very enthusiastic in dancing at  parties
Thinks positively about friends and speaks good words about  them
Beautiful singing voice is an asset, will lead you to future  success
Active in church, school, and family affairs especially on  holidays
Truthful, honest, and trustworthy individual people think of  you
      Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *April 16, 2014 *

Thursday, November 13, 2014



Kaming mga manggagamot sa Tondo'y naglilingkod,
Sa mga bata't matatanda, sa mayaman at mga dukha,
Ang kanilang kalusugan, aming pinangangalagaan,
Ano mang sakit at karamdaman, hangad naming malunasan.
Bandila'y ginto at pulang kulay, marangal makatarungan,
May tatak ng Kagitingan, pag-asa ng bayan,
Ang sagisag ay Sarimanok ng Kapisanan ng Manggagamot
Sa Tondo ng ini-irog ang Unang Purok ng Lungsod.
Tondo Medical Society ng Maynilang kinakasi,
Sa pag-unlad bahagi kami, sa patnubay ni YAHWEH,
Umaraw man o umulan, bahang 'di maiwasan,
Masungit man ang kalikasan, tuloy ang pulungan,
Kung panahon ng damayan, lahat ay maaasahan,
Matatag na samahan, 'di magagapi ng kasamaan.
Pagmamahal sa kapwa, sa aming puso ipinunla,
Ng mga nunong dakila, taga-kanlurang Maynila,
Ito'y aming gagampanan, buhay nami'y nakalaan,
Bukas ang puso't isipan, maglilingkod sa iyo O Inang Bayan.
                    Koro 2x

Lyrics by: Felicisima Balatbat Bacon, M.D.
                 President, KMT

Monday, November 10, 2014


Excitingly tells me precious and funny stories of my childhood
Loves to cook many kinds of delectable casseroles and “Ube” dessert
Enjoys the company of grandchildren and all great grandchildren
Nieces and nephews gather around you when they come to visit
Achievement awards of family members make you feel so grateful
Donations from your good heart make San Miguel folks jubilant
Joyously entertains relatives and friends from many distant cities
Greatest of love is for the good of your loving and caring family
Advices, great guidance imparted to seven children were fruitful
Regarded and treated me as one of your own accomplished children
Charitable and generous individual who listens to people in need
Industriousness inspire many village people for their future success
Admirable woman who treats many us with kindness and fairness

 (Marcos and Elena are the pride of the families of Gloria, Honorata, Eduardo, Teresa, Amelia, Rufino and Marita)

    Laura B. Corpuz * Niece* November 11, 2014 *

Friday, November 7, 2014


Faithfully performs duties in the church especially during the “Fiesta”
Loves to be with growing children, guides them in their faith journey
One of the most distinguished volunteers in the village of San Miguel
Remembers many oral histories and families community involvements
Embraces all tasks assigned to her with great love and satisfaction
Noted for being so patient in dealing with many barrio organizations
Catholic religion is devotedly practiced with sincerity and humility
Inspires friends and neighbors to look at life full of great promises
Avails self each time someone comes to ask for her superb assistance
Beautiful flowers picked from friends’ gardens to make pretty bouquets
Memories of people joyfully working are forever etched in her huge heart
Appeals to people for being so compassionate, kind, and understanding
Quiet, simple, and smiles always tell something that makes someone ponder
Unforgettable days at Philippine Tobacco Flue-Curing and Re-Drying Corp.
Eighty years of real happiness spent with happy families and dear relatives
Zooms to many reunion invites of Teodora Cruz Elementary School alumni

    Nobody can even imagine the village without a “Nana Puring.”
    Laura B. Corpuz * Niece * Nov. 7, 2014 *

Thursday, October 9, 2014




Courteous and courageous individual
Amiable and friendly to all her comrades
Thinks thoroughly before making decisions
Admires all of God’s great creations
Loving wife and dear to her cousins
Insight of life is amazing and incredible
Never seen without a smile on her face
Always assisting families in need of help
Generous and gives from her good heart
 Dedicated to and takes pride in her job
 Amazed by the closed tight knit of family
 Thoughtful and very caring of aunt Lucila
 Understands the value of true friendship
 Intelligence can be seen in all her actions
 Notably quiet and self-sacrificing lady

                     Laura B. Corpuz * Cousin * March 18, 2009


 Affable, amiable, and humble individual
 Lasting memory of kindness and generosity
 Enjoys serving in the church and community
 Joyfully welcomes guests to her residence
 Approachable cousin she is known for
 Nice, quiet, and a very reserved lady
 Devoted to duties and responsibilities
 Respects the rights of other people
 Always ready to give a helping hand
 Gracious and good-natured personality
 Religious and faithful in her belief in God
 Example of humility is very obvious in her
Youngest daughter of Juan and Segundina 
 Everyone has a place in her big heart
 Smiles on her face are signs of happiness

                Laura B. Corpuz * Cousin * 2-28-2009


                    NOE B. BACON

Night and day, they call you to treat many patients
Overjoyed by daughter and son’s school achievements
Extra careful in performing any surgery of specialty

Bountiful blessings received from God are great

Brings a lot of fun and joy to all family gatherings
Approachable, kind, and generous to those in need
Confers with medical surgeons about patient’s status
Obligations and commitment to the family you keep
New scientific information, learned from meetings

Laura B. Corpuz * Aunt *May, 2013 *       


Responsible individual and can be counted on when it comes to services
Enjoys the quality time spent with all the cute and growing grandchildren
Generous gentleman who has a very big heart, ready to give a helping hand
Intelligent, industrious, hard-working, and dedicated husband to Josefina
Never did he refuse the request for substitution in church assigned duties
Actively participates in local activities and “Toastmasters International”
Lovingly cares for the broken-hearted and speaks kindly for their comfort
Volunteerism is in his blood and will do anything without reservations
Grateful for committee members’ assistance for the success of programs
Rejoices every time grandchildren show him school accomplishments
Examines and scrutinizes everything that matters and will impact life
Scientifically-minded, naturally analytical individual, and thinks wisely
Services to FASCI is incredible, commendable, and truly immeasurable

                 FASCI (Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois)
                      By: Laura B. Corpuz - April 16, 2013 - Friend


             PRESCILA  T.  CAPATI
Personable, friendly, and very caring woman I have ever known
Respected by her many friends, family members, and co-workers
Everybody she knew had a good place in her huge and loving heart
Sacrifices in her daily life became models for her entire family
Cooked the best “Pancit Palabok” for the family and friends
Interesting life lived, enjoyed gatherings and company of others
Loving wife, mother of four grown children and great grandmother
Approachable lady with a sweet smile on her face at all times
 Tender loving care was felt by her cute and growing grandchildren
 Cooking secrets so privately kept and nobody will ever know
Admired the beauty of this world and all of God’s creation
Precious as can be was no other than our Prescila, the pretty lady
Always tried to understand the elderly and needs of other people
Thoughtful, generous, and kind-hearted woman with wide-open arms
Inspiration to her many nieces and nephews, and very own family

                 February 25, 1954  - April 11, 2013

                       By Laura B. Corpuz * Friend


                                   PONCIANO S. ISIP  

       Personable, approachable, hard-working man you are known
       Outspoken, but chooses words wisely when around good friends 
       Notably nice and helpful to classmates from grade school on 
       Caring father and backbone of the entire Isip clan in Bulacan 
       Intelligence you use tactfully to raise a great and fun family  
       Admires the goodness and beauty of God's world creation 
       Never was a dull moment whenever or wherever you are   
       Outstanding reputation you build-up for strength and support  
       Sacrifices in daily life serve as models for growing grandchildren  

       Incredible brains are shown in all dealings with comrades  

       Sincerely loves family and cares for ailing wife, Maring  
       Inspiration to everyone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest
       Proud president of the very active class of '55 in San Miguel  

      Laura B. Corpuz *Classmate* (March 9, 2012)