Thursday, January 26, 2012


May 12, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011, on a very calm and serene evening
A group of cousins and their families came to see Ric and me
Nice, cute, active little children became life of the gathering

In their innocent looks they appeared excited and quite anxious
Sweet smiles on their faces brought happiness to everybody
Interesting stories cousins told us and some are parts of history
Discovered many special talents in singing and reciting of poems
Responses to call were wonderful, even the nipa hut was full
Offspring of Hipolito and Maxima Balatbat grew more sprouts

Beautiful voices of Alex, Genesis, Jan, and Lara are full of spirit
Aspiring and budding declaimer is five-year-old Denise Faith
Lasting memory of cousins’ visit, two of them came a few days late
Awards of great accomplishments decorated many of their homes
Thoughtfulness and kindness of 55 filled cozy house in San Miguel
But the small amount of snacks did not hinder the success of visit
Amazed they were and truly grateful with the small remembrance
Totally astonished when I said, “Don’t open until Christmas.”

Charming and truly charismatic are the young nieces and nephews
Lovely posed for every family as well as for group pictures to share
Awesome, supercalifragilisticexpialidocius vacation we’ve ever taken
No time was wasted in the 3-hour laughter with my cousins, so dear

(The Balatbat Clan: Itang, Feling, Severino, Desto, Doreng, Esther, Edios, Leoncia,
Virginia, Alex, Elizabeth, Teresita, Manilo, Fely, Dalo, Desto, Elena, Joven,
Mino, Cesar, Dante, ((deceased)), Zenaida, Elmar, Mat, Neneth, Rene, and Israel. This is an answer to my quest about the Balatbat ancestry.)

Laura B. Corpuz
March 12, 2011

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