Friday, April 2, 2010

'Twas a "Full"Day and Then...

The day was bright, oh how wonderful!
Couldn't have hoped for weather that peaceful
The phone calls received were really thoughtful
A few who had something "unexpected" were wishful.
The children are so cute and beautiful
Several of them are pretty active and playful
The foods were delicious and plentiful
Our roast pig seemed small but was bountiful.
The younger ones had their plates full
Some dieters were calorie-watchful
Others didn't care if they got too full
And lots of doggie bags, sent home full.
All our guests were really cheerful
Our very good cooks had their hands full
Everybody was extremely helpful
Indeed, our newly "blessed hut" was full.
We counted our guests and totaled 103
Those were only the ones who came especially
Friends from the Philippines, Chicago, and Hawaii
Ottawa, Peoria, and acquaintances in the "country."
Faces of enthroned statues were carved artfully
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary
Some friends and nuns joined us wholeheartedly
Just to make this day truly extraordinary.
Then on September 18 we vowed once more to marry
At St. Vincent DePaul, with Father Gregory
We had a solemn Silver Wedding ceremony
In the presence only, of our dear children, three.
The Lord, to us is great and wonderful
Permitted this occasion to be successful
For all His blessings we are truly grateful
To HIM and to all of YOU we are very, very THANKFUL.
The Corpuz Family
Ric, Laura
Alona, Allan, and Alyse
(A Memorable Day 9-18-94)

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