Friday, April 11, 2008

Bamboo: An Economic Source for Filipinos

By: Laura B. Corpuz,

When you hear the word "bamboo" you think thin, tall, and pliable. Filipinos may be thin but not all tall, but have you heard of Filipinos being called “bamboo people?” It’s not surprising. We should be proud of it because Filipinos are very resourceful; we utilize every part of this plant, the “bamboo,” from its shoots to dust.

They eat bamboo shoots.
They use bamboo as anchors.
They use bamboo for railings.
They make bamboo savings bank.
They build fences using bamboo.
They make bamboo barbecue sticks.
They use scrap bamboo as firewood.
They use split bamboo to make fans.
They strip bamboo for nipa roofing.
They live in houses made of bamboo.
They make bamboo baskets and trays.
They use bamboo as house ornaments.
They use bamboo pole as fishing rods.
They use bamboo for the corner posts.
They build farm bridges using bamboo.
They use bamboo to construct bridges.
They use half split bamboo as gutters.
They have bamboo groves in their lands.
They make woven bamboo as shrimp traps.
They use bamboo for various craft works.
They made a "Bamboo Organ" in Las PiƱas.
They weave split bamboo for house walling.
They split and weave bamboo to pick cashews.
They use bamboo as fireworks on New Year's Eve.
They make bamboo musical instrument like "Pito."
They use bamboo in dancing "Tinikling,” a Filipino dance.
They use bamboo "tikin" to propel boats in the lakes and rivers.
They still use whole bamboo with an open end as downpipe for running water.
At the end of a bamboo pole (tikin) was attached a cloth soaked in vile and vinegar to quench Jesus' thirst as He suffered on the cross to redeem us, sinners.
Take pride in being creative and resourceful that boost the economy in the Philippines.

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